Commodore John Barry Chapter

Melbourne Beach, Florida

Commodore John Barry Chapter - Melbourne Beach, Florida

Commodore John Barry Chapter Programs for 2014-2015

  • September 13, 2014, Annual “Kick-off meeting.”
  • October 11th, Native Rhythms member John Ellis and wife telling stories about Native American Indians and performing music.
  • November 8th, Dr. Robert Taylor, Professor from F.I.T. to talk about the Civil War in Florida. He will have copies of his books available.
  • December 13th, KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney, to talk about the Constitution. She will have her books available.
  • January 10th, 2015, Ron Morgan will speak about the United States Flag. He has a famous collection of historical flags and will have his book available.
  • February 14th, Priscilla Tyson, State Chair for DAR Schools will speak about the schools that DAR contributes to.
  • March 14th, Lianna Hotusing and Annette Oros will speak about women’s health issues. Annette is the head of the E.R. at Holmes Regional Medical Center and Lianna works in Hospice.
  • April 11h, we will have two speakers from Brevard Zoo who will talk to us about their many conservation programs.
  • May 9th, Annual meeting, swearing in of new officers by Florida State Regent Cynthia Symanek.

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